I have extensive experience translating varied subject matters, including technical documents and website contents for small businesses and freelancers, political texts and articles for newspapers such as the New York Times and organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations, as well as literature, poetry and novels for several literary journals and publishers.

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I have lived and studied in multilingual Lebanon, as well as in France and the USA. I have also traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East and North Africa for work and research. I have always been drawn to languages and developed a curiosity to other cultures at an early age, which is why I was quite sure early on in my life that I would not stay in my native Lebanon for long after I got my Bachelors in translation. I continued to develop and refine my translation skills by freelancing as a translator and teaching languages and writing at the University of Arkansas. Once I obtained my PhD, I began to focus more on researching the role of language and translation in international political conflicts.


While the majority of my recent work has been translating from Arabic and French into English, I also have extensive experience translating into French and Arabic.

English Translation

Translating documents from Arabic into English.

Arabic Translation

Translating documents from English into Arabic.

French Translation

Translating documents from Arabic and English into French. 

Website Translation